White Screen of Death

For quite a while now I have been poised to end my sharing of That Herd. The site is not monetized, I do not have a lot of engagement, it is time consuming, and it is expensive to support a website. I have to recover the site from all types of drastic site malfunctions that use descriptive words such as: fatal error, critical malfunction, white screen of death, catastrophic!, warning!, you get the idea.So far, I have not been able to break my habit of sharing That Herd. The site hemorrhages my money and time and self doubt, yet I persist. I persist, I think, because the moments I share are a love note to the landscape, horses, wildlife, supportive persons, land stewards, nature, and steely determination of creatures everywhere striving to make their lives a success. Hopefully, some individual comforts and joy sneak in there too.

If you have visited the site and had to wait long periods of time for it to load, found a message about some sort of malfunction, or simply were uninspired by the image, I urge you to keep coming back. When you can, scroll backwards through the years of moments, there is good stuff there. I burden my site with too many images because I love all of them. Each one is testimony to a moment in the life of myself and so many others. Horse lovers, nature lovers, persons looking for a brief escape, or a mind, recess will find something to smile about.

These images were taken about 8.5 years ago. This precious newborn seemed determined to sort out how to direct his ears; it took lots of practice.

wild horse photography of a newborn colt moving his eats
A newborn colt testing his ear movement.

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