Turning The Tables On Observation

This filly’s face is full of expression but not fear. Regarding me with an equal measure of suspicion and curiosity, this three-month-old cannot decide whether to run or investigate. My appearances have been frequent since her birth so I doubt I’m much of a surprise to her at this point in her life, but as the foals get older and bolder, they are compelled to closely scrutinize their surroundings, my appearances included. She did not run, but was unable to muster the courage to approach with enough confidence to touch me. It is unusual for a foal to be brave enough to investigate a human visitor to the point of touching. I should add, I mean the foal touching and sniffing me, not me touching the foal; that only happens on the rarest of occasions.

On a different note, this filly’s appearance has changed significantly many times in three months. She is/was the dun colored filly with the pale eyes and wavy coat of hair. Now, she has transitioned into a beautiful roan color with a deeper hue in her eyes. Her features remain more refined than her siblings, which is pleasant.

wild horse photography of an inquisitive three month old foal
At three months of age, this filly has changed in appearance significantly.

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