They Eyes Have It

After an extra rainy winter and many obstacles for herd movement, the first foal of 2023 arrived mid April. He’s a striking fellow, a near copy of his mother, and has two mismatched blue eyes. His mother is the picture of dignity and showers him with maternal attentions.

Stay tuned for more images of this beauty. As the days pass, he becomes more and more handsome.

Free range horse photography of a mare and her newborn colt on a rare sunny morning
The first hours of life for this colt were filled with maternal pride and attention.


Free range horse photography of a mare and her "duplicate copy" newborn colt
Grassy fields that were still green this mid April greeted the first foal of 2023. He is a near duplicate copy of his mother.


free range horse photography of a blue-eyed newborn investigating the outside world
Two blue eyes and an intrepid disposition are noted for the first colt of 2023.

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