The Virtues of Leisure

Free roaming horses graze a lot. I am aware that for the purposes of sharing horse photography online the mundane procurement of nutrients is not electrifying, so I keep those images to a minimum. Grazing horses do not fit into today’s digital insanity and media over-stimulation, but I like the value in good ol’ leisurely munching and browsing. Daily, whether we like it or not, we are subjected to news in 140 characters, six second high speed videos, chatting that occurs in snaps, and likely lots of scrolling through a plethora of advertisement-laden personal imagery and personal attacks and affirmations. This site is all about taking a deep breath and considering the virtues of a life lived outside and the benefits of observation and wonder, so to this cause, I give you horses calmly browsing in the morning sunlight upon a hilltop.

wild horse photography of three horses browsing on a hilltop
An interesting trio of That Herd members graze in unison up and over a hilltop.

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