The Standoff

A previous blog post or two has mentioned this unusual event but I have not shared this image yet.

In the first hours after giving birth, a new mother (her first foal) is in a standoff with an old mare who is intent on stealing her newborn filly. The new mother was distracted with not feeling well in connection to passing the placenta and was lying down quite a bit. The old mare, who has not had a foal of her own in years, swooped in and took ownership of the newborn. The newborn was not equipped to understand the situation and began bonding with the old mare, who was standing and attentive, even attempting to nurse from the old mare. In this image, you can read what’s happening on each horses face. Apprehension from the disheveled black mare as she tries to unravel what’s happening; this is her first foal, so she has no experience with motherhood. Some distress and fatigue for the newborn and resolute defiance from the old paint mare. After much confusion and some human intervention everything was made right. All is well for the new mother and her foal, and the old mare has accepted that she failed (for the good of all) in her attempt.

wild horse photography of a standoff between two mares over a newborn foal
A standoff between a new mother and an old mare intent on stealing her newborn baby.

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