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At about 24 hours old, this newborn is active and inquisitive. Foals, at this stage, maintain a wide stance and exaggerated gait. The animated and purposeful footfalls of the newborn foals are one of their most endearing qualities. They just try so darn hard.

wild horse photography of a newborn foal walking
The exaggerated gait of a newborn foal, with wide and animated steps, is one of their most endearing characteristics.




I just love it when broodmares look majestic. She is likely in her twenties.

exalted, elevated, noble, lofty, awe-inspiring, majestic, magnificent, glorious, superb, wonderful, marvelous, splendid; informal: fantastic, fabulous, terrific, heavenly, divine, out of this world.

wild horse photography of an old mare looking majestic
When living a life of freedom, majesty in an old mare, is the best kind.

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”




A habitat filled with challenging terrain and obstacles is an immediate test for new foals. They rise to the occasion with an agility and balance that is impressive for their complete lack of terrestrial experience. In this image, the face of the newborn foal shows concentration; she is undaunted, matching her mother stride for stride.

wild horse photography of a mare and foal moving through an expansive landscape
Negotiating complicated terrain is an immediate challenge for That Herd newborn foals.

Lively Enjoyment, Except For …

Some foals had great fun during an unusual rainy day in June …

wild horse photography of two foals romping in the rain
Foals playfully romp in the June rain.
wild horse photography of a filly playing in the rain
Boinging about in friskiness, this filly cannot contain her joy during the June rain.
wild horse photography of a colt frolicking in the rain
This little guy is loving the late southern storm, warm and water from the sky; a youngster’s wish come true.

and some foals did not find any pleasure in the rain at all.

wild horse photography of a new foal in the rain
A very unusual June rain gives the newest member of That Herd a sorrowful look indeed.

Don’t Fence Me In

Horses raised in this environment have the opportunity to grow up using their bodies and minds constantly. The free-roaming lifestyle over varied terrain requires a horse to constantly flex his body, lift and lower his legs and head, and move into and out of varying speeds. Adjustments in foot-fall and body position are ever changing. Their balance is constantly tested and their minds are alert and analytical. In contrast, horses that live in a static environment, like a corral or stall, for example, rarely have to opportunity to hone the suppleness and agility that a wild horse does. Observing horses in this habitat has given me a new appreciation for the potential and strength every horse possesses. Horses that are not raised with this freedom can and do adapt, some faster than others, to this free-roaming challenge.

wild horse photography of a young horse in a beautiful mountain landscape
Yet another beautiful vista in the home of That Herd.

Why Walk When You Can Run

I often observe this mare running with her foal, for no apparent reason, other than the joy of it. You Go Girl!

wild horse photography of a mare and new foal running
Running for the joy of running; a mare and her new foal lope past me.

Still the Happiest Horse in the World

This flashy fellow has found a place with That Herd. Born an American Mustang, this gelding was adopted and trained, but now is enjoying a wild lifestyle once again. He truly looks like he enjoys himself and he makes a pretty picture.

wild horse photography of a flashy paint
This tri-color paint, born an American mustang, now lives with That Herd.

Mountain Top Grazers

Mountain top grazing turned to restless movement, then down the steep slope they went. That Herd moves with equal ease from high to low or low to higher territories.

wild horse photography of several horses crossing a mountain side location
Restless milling about high on a mountainside evolves into horses on the move to lower browsing locations.

A Parade of Yearlings

Wintering yearlings in a dramatic landscape march past in a well ordered sequence.

wild horse photography of a parade of yearlings in a rocky landscape
A few hairy yearlings march across my path as they move out behind the leading older horses.

Fitful Romps

Pouring rain energized these newly weaned colts and fillies on an autumn day. They alternated between brief periods of galloping in groups to nervous grazing on the fresh grass. The first week without their mothers is fraught with a million over-reactions which bloom into fitful romps.

wild horse photography of colts running in the rain
Pouring rain does not dampen the spirits of these newly weaned colts and fillies.

Kids Not Running

Kids not running is just not going to happen.

wild horse photography of weanlings and yearlings running in the rain
Weanlings and yearlings rarely walk from place to place, especially if it’s raining.

Live Streaming

Live streaming of That Herd–the real life version–not the internet type.

wild horse photography of a band of horses streaming up a golden hillside
I cannot think of anyone who ever got bored with watching horses.

Spring in Her Step

Early morning put a spring in their step.

wild horse photography of a beautiful mare moving through the brush
Early morning browsing is interrupted by the appearance of some separated horses. A greeting party ensued.

Privileges of Youth

frolic |ˈfrälik|
(of an animal or person) play and move about cheerfully, excitedly, or energetically

wild horse photography of colts frolicking
Play is the highest form of research.