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free range horse photography of mares and foals galloping across flowered field

Room to roam inspires a gleeful gallop for a group of mares and foals.

Wildness is not defined by the absence of certain activities, but rather by the presence of certain unique and invaluable characteristics.

Optimum Nap Zone

free range horse photography of a new foal dozing under the protection of her mother's tail

Dozing under the protection of a gently swishing tail.

After the initial shock of a swatting horse tail, new foals soon recognize the protection their mother’s tails and their flinching is replaced by relief.

Enough of Everything

free range horse photography of a sassy filly in a lakeside setting

A fuzzy coat and a grassy meadow are reminders of spring.

Time well spent leads to life well lived.


Powdered Gold

free range horse photography of summer's last light touching mares

Backlit by the day’s last light, these mares look like a poster for summertime.

The sunshine was like powdered gold over the horses and oats.

“Summer afternoon–summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”

–Henry James



free range horse photography of a mare and foal in a lakeside landscape

A summertime scene made better with horses. 

Personal favorites, this duo browses through a beautiful location on a summer morning. How fortunate to have water return to That Herd landscapes and how fortunate to have the early morning fog burn off moments before we shared this place.

Absolute Devotion

free range horse photography of a new mother's devotion to her new foal

Horse hugs.

Her enthusiasm for her foal is adorable. Her constant nuzzles and touches are met with trust and matched adoration from the filly. They are the perfect cure for anything that may causing you stress.

In Love With a Ninja

free range horse photography of two foals meeting nose to nose

A delicate meeting between herd mate foals.

free range horse photography of two foals meeting tenderly

The colt closes his eyes to heighten his sensory meeting with a new filly.

free range horse photography of two foals coming to an understanding

Several weeks his inferior, this filly is a force to be reckoned with for this sturdy colt.

With lightening speed, she rises up to administer a (mock) fatal jab. He never saw it coming.

The Architect

free range horse photography of an impressive black horse
A founding member of That Herd, big, and black, and wise.

A lovely portrait of a beloved member of That Herd.

As the end of the year bears down on me, I am forced to reflect on the past twelve months. 2018 has been fraught with unexpected challenges, both in my personal life, and in my life with That Herd. I have, for many reasons, not spent the time I crave with the horses. There have been some losses, both in my personal life, and in That Herd, that have set me back, made it difficult to be creative. I have experienced a loss of vocabulary related to the horses that has frustrated me and kept me from sharing. My website has been hacked, shut down, recovered, internet inaccessible, images purged, and surpassed my ability to keep up with routine maintenance and improvements. I have many images to share but no words to narrate my feeling about the moments captured. Therefore, I must recommit myself to site maintenance and regular content uploads, for the good of a worthy archive of this community of free range horses who have a story to tell.