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Think Happy Thoughts

free range horse photography of a new foal and his mother in a park-like setting
Life is good in this lush setting for a new foal and his wary mother.

A January colt and his mother stroll through a glorious location. After a few rainy days, then a few sunny days, this is their beautiful home.

No Fences

These horses are fortunate to have vast acres to roam and explore. I cannot express enough times how this allows the horses to become the very best version of themselves. They are constantly challenged mentally and physically which makes them strong and able thinkers. The foal is annoyed in this moment because his mother will not stand still for him to nurse.

free range horse photography of a mare and foal in a vast landscape

This mare and foal have room to roam.

Womb to Sixty in Five Minutes Or Less

A very strong newborn who attempted to stand, even when still robed in placenta mere minutes from birth, made balance look fairly easy when he stood up. He didn’t try and fail over and over, he simply stood. He teetered briefly, then wobbled around his mother. What a champ! What a scene to fill a horse lovers heart!

free range horse photography of a newborn foal's first stance

A very large, and very newly born colt, makes his first attempt at standing.

Nap to Gallop In No Time Flat

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Her mother has kept her secluded for over a week, so: wary mare equals wary foal. The filly’s getaway is so quick you can see the foxtails flying through the air around her.

free range horse photography of a wary new foal

Mother has kept this new foal secluded for several days so she is jumpy about my approach.

What a Wonderful World

Even though That Herd horses are accustomed to my appearances, sometimes they don’t want anything to do with me. I don’t take it personally when mares keep their distance with a newborn foal. I can respect the enormous responsibility they face. In a free range environment, one cannot be too careful. In this case, her distance makes for quite a wonderful scene. It’s a filly, by the way.

free range horse photography of a mare and newborn filly

A mare keeps her distance with her one-day-old filly.

Crabby Pants

A new colt, first seen at about a week old, is doted on by his mother. She is not keen on my getting close, and moves away often. The colt amused me by making a mad face at all the horses, foals or mares, who ventured too close to him. He looks innocent enough in this image though.

free range horse photography of a mare and new colt

A new colt gets special attention from his mother.

Promise Fulfilled

The promise of a healthy foal is fulfilled. Eleven months of wondering and hoping, and then the arrival of a new foal exceeds expectations. Well done, mare. Well done.

free range horse photography of a painted mare and new foal

A beautiful mare and her beautiful new foal.

No Cape, But Super Just the Same

I’m adding another picture to honor this valiant mare for giving birth to such a sturdy foal. Large joints and pointy shoulders were no match for the grit of this Super Mare. Not to mention, it was probably raining at the time too.

free range horse photography of a mare and newborn filly

Congratulations to a valiant mare for giving birth the such a sturdy foal.

Babe in the Woods

A rushed evening check on the mare herd reveals a new foal! This leggy bay colt is probably a couple of days old. Night was arriving so I did not have a chance to spend any time observing the new foal. I will reveal, however, that he was not the only new foal.

free range horse photography of a new foal

An early evening check on the mares reveals a new foal.


Proud Moment

This mare is a good mother. She has had many foals, and they all have benefited from their mother’s nurturing disposition. Even in this image, shortly after giving birth to a rather large filly, she looks bright and proud.

free range horse photography of a mare and her newborn colt

A good mare poses with her large newborn colt.

Golden Halo

The youngest That Herd filly browses in the grass; the first morning light spills over her, offering its golden glow. Her mother, still a protective distance away, tolerates her independence.

free range horse photography of a filly at first light

A filly browses independently, but her mother is nearby, just in case.

Math, Mystery, and More

Moments like this have such poetry in them; one is inspired to breath deeply and be grateful. I see a story, a painting, a lesson, a memory, math, mystery, and more.

free range horse photography of horses in oats and woods

Woods and oats and alert horses.


Unfamiliar Territory

Well, look who’s turning grey in a hurry! The last That Herd foal of the year is quickly shedding to grey. Mother and baby have been exploring some unfamiliar hillsides and roaming their newly expanding territory.

free range horse photography of a mare and foal in the woods

A mare and her June foal explore a wooded area.

Got Milk?

This mare has lots of milk for her newborn foal.

free range horse photography of a mare with lots of milk

This newborn foal will not be hungry.

Welcome, Your Largeness

Well, she’s huge, and I don’t mean the bay filly in the background (who I call Chunk), I mean the newly born filly. She is a day old in this image. Again, and still, I am forced to marvel at the fact that she was, just hours before, rolled up inside the mare. Inconceivable!

wild horse photography of a large newborn

A very large day-old filly.

Self Confidence

Bravely standing right in the middle of somewhat tense communication between a stallion and his mother, this colt correctly displays the submissive mouth gnashing behavior. Many foals are intimidated by the stallion and keep their distance out of respect, but this colt has had no problem with greeting and interacting when the stallion is in close proximity. Even in this moment, he stands squarely in the middle of negotiations.

wild horse photography of communication between a stallion and mare

Communication between a stallion and mare observed by an intrepid colt.

Adrenaline Queen Meets Casual

This scrappy mare, small in stature and big on attitude, is always the first, or far worse, the last, to cause a disruption in any form of control over the That Herd lifestyle. It’s that last-minute-disruption-drama that gets her equal admiration for cleverness and frustrated curses from those she thwarts. Because of this history with her, I love this image. She is on high alert since the birth of her new colt, twitching and wheeling at every turn of feather or blade of grass, but her foal has the demeanor (so far) of casual indifference, even to her constant dramas.

wild horse photography of a clever mare and newborn foal

The causal attitude of the foal in this image directly conflicts with his mother’s reputation as a trouble maker.

Three Wins With a Bonus

I call this a That Herd trifecta. Scenery, and an alert mare with a newborn foal, the knee high grass is an added bonus.

wild horse photography of a mare and new foal with scenery

A very capable mare and her newborn foal in a lovely setting.


A mare enforces her personal safety boundary by moving away when I arrive. I respect their comfort zone with my visits. Most mares are less comfortable when they have a new foal, and sometimes they are aggressive about getting near. Usually, as the foals get older, the mares become more at ease with personal boundaries for themselves and their foals.

wild horse photography of a mare and new foal

Keeping a close eye on me, this mare moves her new foal further away.

Rare Cooperation

This mare can be rather odd, but having a new foal seems to distract her in a good way. She seems to enjoy her new foal; it’s the second one she has had. I have her rare cooperation here as she paused just long enough for me to get a nice picture of her and her one-day-old foal.

wild horse photography of a dark mare and her new foal

This mare and her one-day-old foal strike a matching pose.