Gait Adaptation?

For quite some time I have wondered if the off and on pacing gait these horses travel with means anything. Pacing is when both legs land and rise on the same side, working as a lateral pair, as opposed to the more regular diagonal lifting and landing of the legs. Some information I have discovered offers a hypothesis; they say it is a sign of greater fitness when horses that are not naturally gaited breeds travel this way, even if only in a brief or random frequency. Oldtimers say a “running walk” is the sign of a sturdier horse and is essential for efficient mileage. I don’t know. Two beat, three beat and four beat patterns all occur naturally in horses depending on speed but horses with freedom over uneven terrain exhibit an unusual mixture of them all.

wild horse photography of a large two-year-old colt walking in a meadow
Ambling across a high meadow, this large two-year-old colt intermittently switches to a pacing gait.

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