Natural Talent

Sometimes the foals name themselves. Such is the case with this new colt. In an extraordinary show of natural talent, this two-day-old foal jumped over this bush several times. His jumps were performed solely because he wanted to jump the bush for fun. He was under no pressure, not startled or stressed. His mother calmly grazed a few feet away. I observed him run about in a controlled manner, then leap, and clear this bush four times in a row. He was playing and he even inspired another very young herd mate to jump the same bush (image of that to be added). I have to admit, I have not seen anything like this before and it was amazing. I will call him Red Rum in honor of the real-life steeplechase champion who won the notoriously difficult Grand National Steeplechase Race three times, (also finishing the same race  in second place, two times) in his career. Let me say again, he is only two days old. He’s still sorting out his land legs but he’s able to exhibit such composure and strength. Amazing.

wild horse photography of a new foal performing a big jump
A natural jumper, this two day old foal is demonstrating his talent.

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