Moments Before Sunrise

I assume she’s tired because just look at the size of that new foal. Big mare, big foal, geeez. She is a beauty and she’s nearly delicate compared to her half sisters.

free range horse photography of a mare greeting the new day with a newly born filly
Just a moment before sunrise and this tired mare seems to eagerly await the first rays of the day.
free range horse photography of a newborn filly full of energy
This filly is only a few hours old but she’s full of energy. Stretching her legs must feel good.
free range horse photography of a large newborn filly who's full of pep
Short bursts of romping for this newborn filly were a long-awaited relief from all of those months confined in the womb.
free range horse photography of a newly born May foal
A rare sunny sunrise this spring shined on this beauty-duo.

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