Just Born Brute

free range horse photography of a confident mare parading her huge newborn colt
A few hours old, baby keeps pace with his confident and often fractious mother.
free range horse photography of a mare and her newborn colt near a wooded area
A very big newborn explores for his new-found meals.
free range horse photography misty morning newborn colt
The month of April brought lots of misty mornings, and lots of newborn foals.

In April, I visited That Herd quite early in the mornings. For three straight weeks, it was gray, overcast, and misty in the earliest hours of morning. On this day, the foal whet from one water world (womb) to another (wet grass), at least until the sun burned through.

It usually takes several days to get near this mare when she has a new foal, but I got close enough this time to get a good look at her handsome colt. He makes an impression with his large size and white markings. She’s a big mare and her new foal at her side still looks oddly big. He has the pointy shoulders, big joints, and tentative gait of a newborn, but overall he’s a brute-just-born.

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