Foal Number Nine

free range horse photography of an elusive mother with an expected surprise newborn
Ever elusive, this mare does not want to share her newborn for the first couple of weeks.
free range horse photography of the fruits of a hard night's labors; a newborn colt
Stolen glances are all I ever get every year with this mare and her newborn.
free range horse photography of a pause from this mare's attempts at fleeing with her newborn foal
The colt is breathing hard after the mare runs with him on the outskirts of the herd, however, newborns are able to keep up and recover quickly from their exertions.

This mare was quite large in her pregnancy and showed signs of imminent foaling for days. It is her usual behavior to flee the moment she sees any newcomer to the area so my glimpses of her new foals are fleeting and from far away. What a rockstar this colt is! Just look at all that fancy white!

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