Don’t Fence Me In

Horses raised in this environment have the opportunity to grow up using their bodies and minds constantly. The free-roaming lifestyle over varied terrain requires a horse to constantly flex his body, lift and lower his legs and head, and move into and out of varying speeds. Adjustments in foot-fall and body position are ever changing. Their balance is constantly tested and their minds are alert and analytical. In contrast, horses that live in a static environment, like a corral or stall, for example, rarely have to opportunity to hone the suppleness and agility that a wild horse does. Observing horses in this habitat has given me a new appreciation for the potential and strength every horse possesses. Horses that are not raised with this freedom can and do adapt, some faster than others, to this free-roaming challenge.

wild horse photography of a young horse in a beautiful mountain landscape
Yet another beautiful vista in the home of That Herd.

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