maybe it takes an entire day

or maybe even a lifetime

to suddenly fly to that place of passion

where you matter and what you do matters

so much so that your calling

becomes not only your legacy

but an everlasting gift to the world



iPhone pics of wild foal encounter
iPhone images of the first time a foal approached and touched me.


Why a Photo Blog?

Documenting the everyday moments of a certain herd of horses is my most cherished photographic endeavor so far. These horses are privately owned but live mainly as if wild. Indeed, many lived truly wild in Nevada and Canada before joining That Herd. However they joined That Herd, the majority of these individuals have been bred, born and raised in a free-roaming and lightly managed environment. Observing their behaviors has become my favorite pastime. When I photograph the horses I do not alter their behavior, movement or attention. I don’t use props or flashes or rewards. It’s just me, my Nikon, some hiking boots, and a hat. It is my hope that in sharing images of their lives that you too will come to be surprised, touched and educated by their unique forms and personalities.

I am happy to share my images on this blog and with some social media apps but please respect my rights as the creator and owner of the images. If you would like to use an image, please contact me so we can discuss it. If you share an image, please give me proper credit. Many thanks in advance.
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About Me

I’m still getting used to the idea of putting myself out there, into the world. Lately, this requires forsaking anonymity, attaching my name to everything, sharing my work and ideas, engaging in social media and living on the internet, all large hurdles for a reserved person like myself. I have changed my attitude (and training) about openly offering my images, embracing the idea that photography, in today’s world, can and should be shared with a glad heart. I am older than the internet, older than digital everything, and am diligently trying to close the gap between my non-technical lifetime and today’s fast, faster, fastest, instant gratification needs. For any of us, the eyes of the world are able to watch, and judge, good or bad, everything we share. This fact causes conflicting emotions in me, one minute embracing the spirit of collaboration then the next minute vulnerable to disapproval. So why do this? It would be easier not to. Why pour so much time and effort into sharing That Herd? If I can renew, in anyone, even a brief moment of wonder or longing for a connection to nature, I will be validated. I hope to share what it feels like to experience that added surge of energy, the accelerated heartbeat, that tingling of nerves that indicates something in a wild environment has caught one’s attention. This photo blog is an effort to fearlessly join my global community and share what I love.

photographer self portrait
A rare self portrait, shot using the mirror on my truck.

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