Horses often have favorite companions. Sometimes alike dispositions align and sometimes opposite dispositions associate. Horses buddy-up in pairs or small groups and spend a lot of time together moving throughout the day. These relationships have longevity if given the opportunity to live together, long term. Even after long absences, horses that like each other come together again. It is also just as common for horses that live together to simply coexist among fluctuating partners according to need or mood and pecking order. Some horses do, however, seem to make real friendships.

These mares (and now the addition of a foal), are long time companions who have grown up together and prefer each others company. Included in their chosen group are one or two other individuals who seem to be somewhat less attached constantly to the group.

wild horse photography of three mares and a foal
These mares have grown up together and roam together quite a bit.

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