Born Under a Mars Sky

There have been a lot of large, well developed foals born this year which makes this newborn appear slight. Actually, she is a normal newborn in every way.

Her disposition appears bold even at the tender age of a few hours. Her percieved fierceness is accentuated by her full white face mask and intentional eye contact.

Because she represents a vital force to me I will call her Valor.

free range horse photography of a young mare and her newborn filly in the mist
A long string of misty mornings hosted a lot of new foal births in April.
free range horse photography of a newborn filly with a full blaze face
A full blaze face sets this newborn apart, even in the company of so many herd mates that have a lot of white markings.
free range horse photography of a newborn foal exploring for her first milk meal
Exploring for her first milk-meal, this filly has pushed in a bit too far.

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