Born to Run

Because horses are more physically mature at birth (partly due to a long gestation period), they are able to run hours after birth. A foal’s muscles and nervous system are developed and the ability to balance and navigate over uneven or cluttered terrain is quickly mastered. From an evolutionary perspective, herbivores such as horses, require the ability to flee from prey animals practically from the moment they are born. I have repeatedly witnessed That Herd newborn foal’s incredible strength and stamina which increases exponentially as the hours pass after their birth. They are able to run with the herd, over varied terrain, for seemingly impossible distances. This dark foal is only one-day-old and ran around the herd in full speed bursts, seemingly for the shear joy of it.

wild horse photography of a newborn foal galloping hours after birth
A newborn colt has the capacity to gallop at full speed just hours after birth.