This newborn colt immediately reminded me of a favorite childhood book, Smoky The Cow Horse by Will James. The horse in the story is perhaps more of a grey color but that was my thought when I saw him. Perhaps it’s the rectangular shape of his head, which is a little too big for his body, like many of the illustrations of horses from that story. As well as an old-timey look, he also sports an unusual full mouth-to-cheek whorl on each side of his face. I mentioned whorl-ology in this blog last year so I won’t go on about the interesting opinions surrounding that subject here, but there have been countless discussions that say whorls are a blueprint for the disposition and trainablity of horses by the types and locations of hair whorls on their hair coats. Some horsemen swear by it, and some call it pseudo-science. This colt’s whorls suggest a complicated horse to interact with in the future.

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wild horse photography of a smokey-colored newborn colt
A newborn colt surveys his new scenery.
wild horse photography of an interesting feature on a new colt
This newborn colt has a full mouth to cheek whorl on each side of his face.

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