Appreciating Baby Pictures

No better scene can greet me in the spring time. A newborn foal wobbles around his mother; the mare healthy and feeling secure and the foal safe, robust and inquisitive. With each new week of a foal’s growth, the rapid passing of time is evident. This year’s foals are only a few months old, but I’m already feeling nostalgic for their first days of life. They change so quickly. This foal is now over three months old, his body parts irregular and ill-fitting. He is moving through one of the many awkward stages he will experience in the next few years. The mare, a veteran mother, is accepting and kind with the other horses, a steady and cooperative member of That Herd and a devoted mother. This is the fourth foal I’ve watched her raise, though she’s had many before that as well. She looks relieved and content in this moment after what must have been a long night.

wild horse photography of a newborn foal and his quietly grazing mother
An inquisitive newborn toddles around his mother.

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