Unanswered Questions

Horse scientists have perfected training, feeding, healing, and managing domestic horses. Our understanding, however, of free range horse behavior in groups is another matter.

The ability to spend time in free range environments is rare. Opportunities are few, so there is not a lot of information about the secret, natural lives and behaviors of horses.

I have spent many hours observing this horse over a long period of time. In fact, I have watched this individual since he was born several years ago, both with mare bands and with his bachelor herd-mates.

He is sometimes aloof, sometimes engaged and likable, and sometimes a brut.

Being a stallion, he is of course, under the influence of hormones and instincts that guide his actions and purpose, especially when he lives with mares.

Sometimes I have pondered in wonder at his complexity, and sometimes I have raged at this cruelty.

He is a horse so he does not know or care that I have any opinion on his life, but I do think about him often and have unanswered questions.

A moment of curiosity from the herd stallion reveals his marbled eyes
In a moment of curiosity, the herd stallion’s marbled eyes are revealed from under a thick forelock.

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