Math, Mystery, and More

Moments like this have such poetry in them; one is inspired to breath deeply and be grateful. I see a story, a painting, a lesson, a memory, math, mystery, and more.

free range horse photography of horses in oats and woods
Woods and oats and alert horses.


Sense of Now

Perhaps some of the greatest enjoyment in observing the newborn foals is the sense of no past nor future. Newborns live utterly in the present; this, of course, forced by their lack of lifetime and only the promise of potential. There is, I think, a great distraction and lesson in this sense of now. This filly is one day old and watching her (like the others) is a rare joy. Every day responsibilities fall away in the wake of the new foal’s discoveries and reactions. They earn your undivided attention. They inspire empathy and and all time is lost in wonder at their real-time strategies.

wild horse photography of a sturdy newborn filly
A sturdy newborn filly.

Inquiring Minds

Horses are naturally curious. Investigations are alert and often poised for flight. In a free range environment, there are so many opportunities for investigation the horses become relaxed and steady when exposed to new stimulus (most of the time).

wild horse photography of a curious filly
The curiosity of a horse is endless.

Happy Winter

Happy Winter. Left to their own devices, horses manage cold weather quite well. Just because That Herd has long summer weather seasons doesn’t mean they don’t experience periods of freezing weather and uncomfortable winter conditions. This is a filly I like decked out in her winter coat.

wild horse photography of a winter filly
Bear-like in her winter coat, this filly is unfazed by the cold that has begun.