Something Unexpected

I like this image not only because this newborn colt is beautiful but his light buckskin coloration matches the surrounding grasses. This mare was enormous late in her pregnancy and this giant baby was the reason. While the size of the colt was not unexpected, the color of the colt was.

wild horse photography of a very large newborn colt of a interesting color
I like this image not only because this newborn colt is beautiful but his light buckskin coloration matches the surrounding grasses.

Newborn Checklist Item

Yup. The ears work.

wild horse photography of a newborn colt moving his eats
A newborn colt testing his ear movement.

Somebody Give This Mare a Prize or Medal or Gift Basket

Okay, I’ve said it before but I’m saying it again. How was this colt folded up inside this mare merely hours ago? This is a giant newborn, and the mother, bless her heart, managed this successfully as only nature can. Three cheers for the mother/mare of the year! Beautiful buttermilk buckskin color on the colt, by the way. This is the mare that looks so fancy and buoyant in the previous post titled You Go, Girl! on April 20th.

wild horse photography of a very large newborn foal and his amazing mother
Woowza! Now this is a large newborn foal.

Rain Maker

Being wet and dry numerous times during the first day of her life does not seem to make this newborn filly uncomfortable. Rain in mid-May is unusual in this area and at this point too late to boost the grass, but a welcome softening of the already crunchy ground is welcome. This filly and mare have very similar markings and both have a very Indian Pony look to them so I’m thinking a classic Native American name could be appropriate.

wild horse photography of a mare and her newborn foal in the rain
Mid-May rain falls on a newborn filly and her mother.

Well, Hello!

This mare and her new foal walked right up and filled my view so I took their picture. I shoot with a 400mm lens so I was completely unable to compose a shot at close range. I took the shot anyway and it turned out to be fun and interesting, so I thought I’d share it. The foal is two days old, he is large and inquisitive, in case you hadn’t guessed.

wild horse photography fun portrait of mare and new foal
Well, hello! This mare and her two-day-old foal walked right into my frame and filled it up.

Still the Happiest Horse in the World

This flashy fellow has found a place with That Herd. Born an American Mustang, this gelding was adopted and trained, but now is enjoying a wild lifestyle once again. He truly looks like he enjoys himself and he makes a pretty picture.

wild horse photography of a flashy paint
This tri-color paint, born an American mustang, now lives with That Herd.

My Morning Traffic

As the sun was just about to rise above the shielding mountain, the mares and foals emerged from a steep woody area and filed past my position. This foal marched past, on guard, but not afraid when she saw me. What a beautiful, sweet face she had that morning.

wild horse photography of a beautiful young foal
What a sweet expression this two-week old foal has.

What a Morning!

A very new newborn colt tries to make sense out of a very busy morning. His first hours filled with following his mother into the pond, circling the meadow with the herd and being born all in about three hours. Whew.

wild horse photography of a mare and newborn foal
A very new newborn foal tries to make sense of a very busy morning.

Mountain Top Grazers

Mountain top grazing turned to restless movement, then down the steep slope they went. That Herd moves with equal ease from high to low or low to higher territories.

wild horse photography of several horses crossing a mountain side location
Restless milling about high on a mountainside evolves into horses on the move to lower browsing locations.

A Million Distractions

Like any baby, this week old foal is willing to put anything it his mouth. Moving through a tall mustard seed patch, this week old colt seems entertained by the oddity of his surroundings after the more usual grassy hills.

wild horse photography of a new foal in tall mustard plants
A new foal in a forest of mustard plant stalks.


“Climb up some hill at sunrise. Everybody needs perspective once in a while, and you’ll find it there.

– Robb Sagendorph

wild horse photography of a buckskin horse near a mountain top with scenery
Just before sunrise and just after a lot of searching, this horse and several of his herd mates were found high above the valley floor.

Live Streaming

Live streaming of That Herd–the real life version–not the internet type.

wild horse photography of a band of horses streaming up a golden hillside
I cannot think of anyone who ever got bored with watching horses.

Best Mates

Social grooming is an important part of a horse’s healthy herd life. It is a way to give comfort and show affection to other herd members. This type of dorsal, neck and wither grooming is said to reduce the heart rate of the recipients, among other benefits.

This behavior is known as reciprocal allogrooming. It occurs in many animal species.

These two colts spend a lot of time together. They have a special companionship.

wild horse photography of two foals grooming each other
Sometimes horses form closer bonds with certain herd members. I wouldn’t say opposites attract in this case, more like similar dispositions attract.

It’s a Beautiful Life

Fresh spring grass proves to be more enticing than just about anything else they could be doing.

wild horse photography of three grazing horses with scenery
I can’t really blame them for being more interested in the grass than in me. It looks delicious.

My Kind of Morning Eye Opener

“Nature never did betray the heart that loved her.”  – William Wordsworth

wild horse photography of a young paint foal
This kind of scene is my favorite reward for early morning forays out to find That Herd in the late spring. Fog burning off to blue sky, content mares, growing foals; all happy, healthy and doing their thing.

Spring in Her Step

Early morning put a spring in their step.

wild horse photography of a beautiful mare moving through the brush
Early morning browsing is interrupted by the appearance of some separated horses. A greeting party ensued.

Keeping a Wary Eye

This mare appears unconvinced that my presence is nothing to be alarmed about even though she has watched me observe her many times.

wild horse photography of a wary mare
The face of one who is cautious but not afraid. This mare is more wary than many of her herd-mates.


There is a poise and composure to this horse that is just beautiful.

wild horse photography portrait of a horse's beautifully expressive face
You can see something definable yet undefinable in this horse’s face. An expression of gentle wisdom perhaps or serene resilience. Or, it’s something else. I just know that it is a beautiful face on an untroubled soul.

Just a Horse

No big deal. Just a horse picture, you say? Well, I say you have not looked close enough. I see a horse who is at ease but alert, well fed but not fat, hair coat thick but not rough. His hooves hard and round but never shod or trimmed, he holds reserves of stamina even after traveling with purpose all day, knows where and where not to put his feet, he knows when to run and when to walk, when to drink and when to pass by. He is clever, he is healthy, he is adaptable in social groups, he is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Okay, I went too far on the last one but, really, a horse with the freedom to do what horses do best is a wonder to behold. He survives successfully, actually thrives, without management, diet supplements or fabricated shelter. Behold, observers (!) a horse, just being a horse!

wild horse photography of a strong horse standing in contrast to his layered terrain
A winter day visit with high clouds made for a nice shot of a strong pale colored horse standing in contrast by the layers of his daily terrain.