A Little Older, A Little Wiser

The same colt shown at three weeks and three years old.

wild horse photography of the same colt as a foal and three year old
Portrait of the same colt shown at three weeks and three years old.

Without Provocation

Prompted by an energetic herd mate, a resting colt has a decision to make. Stay down, and be pestered, stepped on and mouthed, or get up and give the perpetrator a run for his money. The dark colt is fast but the light colt is big and strong. They are both the same age, by the way, only a few days apart. This may not be obvious because of the size difference.

wild horse photography of a frisky colt urging a resting herd mate
Colts that are resting need to warm up to the ideas of a frisky herd mate.

Lively Enjoyment, Except For …

Some foals had great fun during an unusual rainy day in June …

wild horse photography of two foals romping in the rain
Foals playfully romp in the June rain.
wild horse photography of a filly playing in the rain
Boinging about in friskiness, this filly cannot contain her joy during the June rain.
wild horse photography of a colt frolicking in the rain
This little guy is loving the late southern storm, warm and water from the sky; a youngster’s wish come true.

and some foals did not find any pleasure in the rain at all.

wild horse photography of a new foal in the rain
A very unusual June rain gives the newest member of That Herd a sorrowful look indeed.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is every day when you’re the mother of a rowdy colt. This old girl just wanted to lie down and rest in the shade on a humid day and her darling colt did this until she stood again.

wild horse photography of a colt annoying his mother
Typical, annoying colt behavior.

A Parade of Yearlings

Wintering yearlings in a dramatic landscape march past in a well ordered sequence.

wild horse photography of a parade of yearlings in a rocky landscape
A few hairy yearlings march across my path as they move out behind the leading older horses.

Fitful Romps

Pouring rain energized these newly weaned colts and fillies on an autumn day. They alternated between brief periods of galloping in groups to nervous grazing on the fresh grass. The first week without their mothers is fraught with a million over-reactions which bloom into fitful romps.

wild horse photography of colts running in the rain
Pouring rain does not dampen the spirits of these newly weaned colts and fillies.

Kids Not Running

Kids not running is just not going to happen.

wild horse photography of weanlings and yearlings running in the rain
Weanlings and yearlings rarely walk from place to place, especially if it’s raining.

Best Mates

Social grooming is an important part of a horse’s healthy herd life. It is a way to give comfort and show affection to other herd members. This type of dorsal, neck and wither grooming is said to reduce the heart rate of the recipients, among other benefits.

This behavior is known as reciprocal allogrooming. It occurs in many animal species.

These two colts spend a lot of time together. They have a special companionship.

wild horse photography of two foals grooming each other
Sometimes horses form closer bonds with certain herd members. I wouldn’t say opposites attract in this case, more like similar dispositions attract.

It’s a Beautiful Life

Fresh spring grass proves to be more enticing than just about anything else they could be doing.

wild horse photography of three grazing horses with scenery
I can’t really blame them for being more interested in the grass than in me. It looks delicious.

Privileges of Youth

frolic |ˈfrälik|
(of an animal or person) play and move about cheerfully, excitedly, or energetically

wild horse photography of colts frolicking
Play is the highest form of research.

Before and Later

The infamous “whisker foal” at a couple of days old and about 18 months later. He has matured out of his mop of whiskers.

wild horse photography comparing a foal and yearling picture of the same horse
These images show the “whisker foal” at a few days old and about 18 months later.



Affable and Keen

Two brothers hangin’ in the ‘hood.

wild horse photography of two colts interacting
These half brothers are only a couple of weeks apart in age but already there is a noticeable difference in size. The big blaze faced colt is unassuming, an affable big brother, and the bay colt is earnest and keen.