Gallery of Foals

We lose ourselves in the things we love. We find ourselves there too.


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  1. JKC | 23rd Aug 14

    We love Ernest!

  2. CCC | 26th Aug 14

    He has the best ears.

  3. Claire | 17th Oct 14

    simply beautiful photos and artful capture of the delightfoal little spirits within

  4. Patty | 19th Oct 14

    Well done, mi Amiga.

  5. Huchu52 | 19th Oct 14

    Beautiful work.

  6. Carlton C | 23rd Oct 14

    Great Job !!!!

  7. Laurisa | 27th Dec 14

    Oh Jenny! thank you for sharing these extraordinary images. How wonderful to connect with horses being horses!

  8. Nonobempdns | 9th Jan 15

    Your photos are amazing!!

  9. Jade Kleinschidt | 10th May 16

    These pictures are gorgeous

  10. Jade Kleinschidt | 26th May 16

    While you have been taking pictures and studying these beautiful horses have any of the mares had a foal that was tri colored?

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