A Little Behind

It seems we are both a little behind.

Myself behind in sharing new posts, and this mare behind her striding colt.

Born in August, late for That Herd, here is the first foal for this mare and she is smitten with her new role as mother.

She is closely followed by a filly six months older than her new colt.

This image was taken many weeks ago. Now our days are shorter and water and feed are scarce moving into fall. As always, we are hoping for rain each day.

Born in August, this is the first foal for this big mare.
This big mare really moves the ground when she passes by. She and her new colt make their way from morning browsing toward late morning water.

In Admiration

wild horse photography of a mare and foal in a tree-lined clearing
A dark mare and new foal stroll through a tree-lined clearing.

A mare who is no longer with us and her first foal. She gave us many memorable moments.

Not Just Another Pretty Face

free range horse photography of a handsome colt
Lots of white, a flaxen mane and tail, and an expressive face give this colt lots of eye appeal.

This image was taken about a year ago at age three. I have not seen this colt for many months but I look forward to seeing who he is becoming. Below is an image from his first hours of life. He is wet from a trip into the pond with only a few wobbly hours under his belt. If you go way back into previous posts (May, 2015), there are some stories about his first day. To get you started, if you click on the title of this post there is a link at the bottom of the page to a previous post about this foal titled What a Morning!.


wild horse photography of an intrepid newborn colt
Rapidly absorbing so many new sights and sensations, this newborn is well on his way to being a clever native born herd member.

Bravado and Caution

free range horse photography of three fillies looking innocent by a failing oak tree
Three fillies looking innocent by a failing oak tree.

Older foals never cease to entertain me with their mix of bravado and caution. These foals are old enough now to be fully independent; their explorations of me are constant and surprisingly intense.



An old image that I never shared.

wild horse photography of a horse emerging from a wooded canyon
A big horse ambles out of the cool canyon as dusk falls.

Quiet Misty Mornings

Shrouded in mist, our feet wet with dewy grass, we couldn’t be happier.

free range horse photography of misty morning mares
Misty mornings and wet grass quietly start the day.

Quiet Repose

I see lovely imagery of horses daily; often they are stout steeds with thick manes and tails billowing, flashy markings, arched necks, and animated limbs creating instant dreamy joy for any horse lover, myself included. The same effect can be achieved by a common horse in quiet repose in a familiar local setting. Horses are amazing.

wild horse photography of a filly in the woods
An early morning meeting with an curious filly.

The Virtues of Leisure

Free roaming horses graze a lot. I am aware that for the purposes of sharing horse photography online the mundane procurement of nutrients is not electrifying, so I keep those images to a minimum. Grazing horses do not fit into today’s digital insanity and media over-stimulation, but I like the value in good ol’ leisurely munching and browsing. Daily, whether we like it or not, we are subjected to news in 140 characters, six second high speed videos, chatting that occurs in snaps, and likely lots of scrolling through a plethora of advertisement-laden personal imagery and personal attacks and affirmations. This site is all about taking a deep breath and considering the virtues of a life lived outside and the benefits of observation and wonder, so to this cause, I give you horses calmly browsing in the morning sunlight upon a hilltop.

wild horse photography of three horses browsing on a hilltop
An interesting trio of That Herd members graze in unison up and over a hilltop.

Out of Sight

If these horses don’t want to be found, they know what to do. They know when to stand still and when to flee from space to space. Even a sighting like this can result in failure to see a horse up close by the time you trek down (or up) to their location. No ditch is too wide, no hillside is too steep to hinder the route and determination of these horses when they travel.

wild horse photography of horses hiding in brush
If these horses don’t want to be found, they know what to do.

“Run Like The Wind, Bullseye!”

A fun quotation from the movie Toy Story makes a fitting title for the motion captured in this foal’s determined and athletic playing. The blowback on her whiskers is hilarious. They have such abundant muzzle whiskers at this age.

wild horse photography of a foal running along a hilltop
Blasting along the hilltop at a determined speed, this filly made several laps down and up the hillside.

Friendly Face Bite

Both horse have pleasant, if not impish expressions, they are just horsing around.

wild horse photography of two horses engaged in friendly face biting
Two herd mates engaged in friendly face biting.

Keeping a Wary Eye

This mare appears unconvinced that my presence is nothing to be alarmed about even though she has watched me observe her many times.

wild horse photography of a wary mare
The face of one who is cautious but not afraid. This mare is more wary than many of her herd-mates.

Before and Later

The infamous “whisker foal” at a couple of days old and about 18 months later. He has matured out of his mop of whiskers.

wild horse photography comparing a foal and yearling picture of the same horse
These images show the “whisker foal” at a few days old and about 18 months later.



Under the Magnificent Oak

One of those quiet moments that soothe the soul.

wild horse photography of mares under a giant oak tree
Quiet mare moment under a magnificent oak tree.